There were 89 chapters that cast their votes on the three motions. Here are how the votes turned out:

  1. On limiting honorary membership to ME graduates

A motion was made to amend Article III, number 7 to read:

Honorary members shall be selected on the basis of successful achievements in the profession of mechanical engineering. Practicing engineers and full, associate, or assistant professors of mechanical engineering, who have received at least one degree in Mechanical Engineering are eligible. Each chapter may initiate up to four honorary members per year. Two of these shall be exempt from payment of the registration fee. A statement of justification for the honorary candidates need to be communicated via an email to the Secretary-Treasurer for approval by the BoD.


The motion carries with 58 YES1 votes, 31 NO1 votes and 0 ABSTAIN1 votes.


The amended Constitution and Bylaws has been uploaded to the website.


  1. On increasing the national dues to support travel stipends to the convention. The motion reads:


Increase the national registration dues from $30 to $35 for each initiate.


The motion carries with 55 YES2 votes, 31 NO2 votes and 3 ABSTAIN2 votes.


The change on the registration fees will be in effect on July 1st, 2018.


  1. On resolving the BoD term limits during transition period

A motion was made to resolve the transition of the current BoD due the last constitutional amendment for term limits. It reads:


Positions elected in 2017 are subject to the term limits as approved by the constitution changes in 2017. An officer grandfathered in their elected position can only serve until the February convention of 2020.


The motion carries with 74 YES3 votes, 7 NO3 votes and 8 ABSTAIN3 votes.


Thank you to all the chapters for casting your votes. Your votes are tallied in the Chapter Status excel file that is on the website at